Curriculum Vitae – Christine Forsthuber

Qualifications and advanced educations

  • Integrative Movement Therapy / Donau University, Department of Psychosocial Medicine, Krems
  • Journalism & Communication Sciences / University of Vienna, First Part completed
  • Myoreflex Fasciae Therapy / ZiT, Konstanz
  • Psychosocial Counselling  / Chamber of Commerce, Vienna
  • Integrative Dance Pedagogy  / AGB, Schwaz
  • Non-Violent Communication according to Marshall Rosenberg / Deborah Bellamy, Vienna
  • Schamanic Studies / Paul Uccusic / The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Vienna
  • Storytelling / Christa Schmollgruber, Margarete Wenzel, Vienna

Contemporary Dance, Breath Work and Body Training such as:

  • Myoreflex, Motivity, Muscular Sensors (Maud Paulissen-Kaspar)
  • Gravity Happens/Principles of Movement, Myoreflex (Kerstin Kussmaul)
  • Somatic Training Work, Holistic Body Training (MaRia Probst)
  • Release Training, Contemporary Dance (Jennifer Lacey)
  • Body Mind Centering (Adriana Almeida Pees)
  • DanceAbility, dancing with handicapped persons (Alito Alessi, Vera Rosner)
  • Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Eutony (Monika Lakinger)
  • Taiji, Qigong, Silent Qigong, Healing Sounds (Peter Schwarz)
  • Feldenkrais Method (Livia Calice)
  • Original Play (Fred Donaldson)


Integrative Movement Therapist with own practice

2005-2007 in Maria Enzersdorf, 2007- to date in Vienna

Apprenticeship in Lower Austria Heilpädagogischen Zentrum Hinterbrühl (one year)

Final Assignment/ Thesis: „IBT as Supporting Element in the Identity Development of Women“

Monthly Supervision as quality assurance


Specialized seminars for kindergarten teachers, social workers, religious educators, Rainbow Group Leaders, for the Center of Women’s Education / BFI Wels, as well as Mobility and Relaxation Training in the BBRZ and BFZ for people with mental and physical handicaps.

Integrative Movement Therapist, Integrative Dance Pedagogue

Many events with a few mentioned below:

“Body Awareness” long-term course for contemporary dance and holistic body work

“Retreat for women”, “Young, strong, wild and wise”, “Power from your centre” for women

“Dream, dance, live yourself”, “Rumpelstiltskin or where to put my anger?”, “Making contacts easily”, “Borders”, “A winter fairy tale in dance and silence” for single parents

“The other language. With dance and breath into your own centre” created for religious educators

“From movement to voice” at a kindergarten conference named “In search of the word, hurtful language, healing words”

“Movement and dance as an animative method in social work” training of social workers, Social Academy Vienna, Floridsdorf, 2 semesters

“Fight fair”, “The little seed”, “The Geggis”, “Hear, dance, play Mozart”, “Can’t you sleep little bear?” created for kindergartens according to their annual themes


“Magic Night Fairy Tales about the Twelve Nights between Christmas and Epiphany”, “Greek Myths”, “On the trail of the Indians” in Secondary Schools for reading nights

“What women love most”, “Winter fairy tales for big and small people” and “The Flower of Fire” fairy tales narrated, choreographed and danced

Magic Night Fairy Tales at the Robert Bosch AG Christmas party to an audience of 300 people