About Me

What do I need for this day to be a good one?
I ask myself this question every day.

Christine Forsthuber

Life and Social Counselor
Integrative Movement Therapist
Myoreflex-Fasciae Therapist

Offline & Online (Zoom)

Languages: German, English


Photocredit: Georg Schlosser

More about me …

I come from a humble background. As the oldest of three sisters I learnt to take responsibility. But soon enough I was drawn out into the world resulting in me learning English, studying journalism and getting my first job where I could make a difference.

I married a jurist with whom I had two children who presented me with completely different challenges. My children were good teachers, and the divorce brought me to my womanhood, something I had not really known before.

It was during these difficult times that I discovered a special kind of movement: Expressive Dance, Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation. This took me on a whole new direction, where the basic ideas were how to use body and movement for health. This turned me into a strong, empathic and very creative woman.

After a decade as an integrative dance teacher, it was clear that I wanted to develop and – above all – to know and understand what was behind this movement work, which was so helpful. I studied Integrative Movement Therapy at the Danube University Krems, Department of Psychosocial Medicine.

Then I opened my first practice and enthusiastically followed my new profession. This included a degree in Life and Social Counselling. I was fascinated by the fact that there were always doors at a “dead end” and that I could shape my life in a positive way.

After encountering trauma, professionally and privately, I was introduced to Myoreflex Therapy. Here I learned about the impact of trauma on the body. It is an essential part of my work now to see what happens in the body when affected by strong emotions.

During the last year I have returned to my original profession, writing. I have always written, but now it is time to write my own book. I have been collecting material and content for over 20 years: Body and soul, how do they work together?

My curiosity and fascination about how women or men can make life a good one is still fresh and lively. Life is so exciting and so beautiful! The difficult times have made me realize what life is worth.

I am looking forward to meeting you!