About Me

According to the laws of aerodynamics, bumble bees cannot fly.

They fly anyway.


Christine Forsthuber

Psycho Social Counsellor

Integrative Movement Therapist
Myoreflex-Fasciae Therapist
Integrative Dance Teacher

Languages: German, English

Curriculum Vitae


Why holistic counselling?

How it all started

Contemporary dance “saved” me at a time when my life was shaken by crises. It held me together, relieved my emotional tension and, above all, the “flow – a technical term for a state in which one feels wonderfully comfortable – granted me emotional wellness, which was particularly important to me at that time.


The body as our foundation

The qualities of this type of movement – Expressive Dance, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Qigong – made it clear to me that we have an incredibly special relationship to our body. I understood our body is the foundation for everything we do: movements, emotions, experiences. I started researching to find out more about it.


A new way to work with clients

I was elated to discover Hilarion Petzold’s Integrative Movement Therapy (IBT). This method is a part of the Integrative Therapy with a holistic approach. It was a marvellous decision to study IBT at the Danube University Krems, Department Psychosocial Medicine, because I acquired ground-breaking skills and tools which I value and highly appreciate.


To connect body and emotion

Psycho-Social Counselling complements the body work of IBT excellently. Being able to name the sensation in the body, finding a personal “language” for it with the client and developing new perspectives during a session is a remarkably effective combination.


Myoreflex, a great program for painful muscle tension!

It was difficult for me to manage my painful back problems which was a result of my stressful life as a single mother. My Vagus Nerve (responsible for high stress) was frozen and it was almost impossible to release the tension. It was during this time that I met Dr Kurt Mosetter at “impulstanz” and through him Myoreflex Fasciae Therapy. This is a highly effective therapy using the muscle meridians to relieve the muscles of pain.


Medical knowledge

The methodology of Myoreflex opened the much-needed medical knowledge in how to work with muscles. I must admit in the beginning I struggled to learn everything about the musculoskeletal system, neuroanatomy, biochemistry, TCM and traumatology, but it was well worth it! This basic knowledge has now helped me to have a better understanding of pain in the musculoskeletal system. The technique of pressure point stimulation along the muscle meridians gives the client a “picture” of her/his body, balances the impaired body tension and recover from pain.


The rhythm of life

An essential part of my development was my research on the female body and womanhood. Women can intuitively listen to the sensations and physical intentions of their bodies which are deeply anchored in age-old wisdoms in the rhythm of life   and connect in this way to their inner source. It is healthy to acknowledge that femininity is so much more than being beautiful, caring for others and imitating men. To use your body as orientation makes it possible to release these old codes and find your own way to your womanhood through your body.


The body shows the way to a good life

Every person has her or his own becoming, a life story that is “written” in the body. These memories, so-called Somatic Markers – according to the neuroscientist Antonio Damasio – can be used in therapy. The sensing of the signals and mindful interaction with the body help us to recognize who we are and what we need.


I invite my clients to establish an intimate relationship with their bodies.
To recognize and celebrate the possibilities you find there.


You might ask “what is there to celebrate?” The psychoanalyst Clarissa Pinkola Estes wrote in “Women who run with the wolves” about the miracle of the body: