Be well advised

“You have to plan your happiness!”

Michelle Obama

Counselling for a better future

Awareness of your body enables self awareness. This is very helpful in dealing with challenges and finding your own way to recover from illnesses.

It’s in your hands!

Are you left- or right-handed? Hold your hand in front of your body and open it like a small bowl ready to receive a gift. Ask yourself: “What does the day need to be a good one?” Take your time. Only one word. Is it decisiveness? Or resilience? Sensitivity? Or laughter?

Imagine laying this word into your hand, bring it close to your heart, and fill yourself with it.

From the top of the head
To the toes
To the fingertips
All you!
Perfect you.

What I can do for you

I listen to you. Together we try to find out which areas of your life affect the difficult situation you are in. We capture the whole frame of reference. You set yourself a goal and find one next step to implement it.

Using the Myoreflex method, which has to do with fascia, I check together with you the tension of your body and whether all your muscles are playing along. Questions such as “There‘s a tightness in your sternum, is something burdening you?” may arise during the examination and I will speak with you about them. The power lies in recognizing.

How can you support your body in getting through this difficult situation?
Together we develop a concept on how you can strengthen yourself through exercises, resources, food, and/or alternative methods. Integrating this into your everyday life should be as easy as possible.

Why should you come to me?

  • To improve your personal self-care.
  • In case of an illness, to look at what are the deeper causes of it.
  • When things become too much, to set the right priorities.
  • To be secure and confident through self-reflection when making important decisions.
  • Physical complaints, which remain unanswered through conventional medical approaches.

I will be happy to counsel you!

I have been working in the field of psychosomatics professionally and autobiographically for more then two decades.

I will stand by your side with professional competence and life experience.

Empowered through crisis

I will be happy to advise you on Zoom. Make an appointment to get to know me!