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An overview of your current situation helps you to take the necessary step.

To keep calm and balanced in your personal environment and to free up space for you.

Implement a personal program to strengthen you physically and emotionally.


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 Why your body is important during counselling

Your body memorizes experiences which influence your body and your muscles.

Ongoing increased stress levels promote tension patterns that hinder your posture, your ability to relax and mobility which, in turn, impair your breathing, digestion and blood pressureIt therefore makes sense to include your body as an orientation aid into your holistic healing process. Self-awareness leads to so-called “Somatic Markers” which support you in recognizing how the next step towards your health can be. Allowing yourself to access and get involved with your body is more than just getting rid of illness.

Whether you are dealing with pain in the musculoskeletal system, currently exposed to emotional stress or whether you are burdened with a chronic illness, we will address your challenges together in our session.

After assessing your needs, I can develop a holistic health concept just for you. This clearly shows which therapy is most suitable and which lifestyle changes are recommended to best support you in your health and wellbeing. It is mostly the small steps that ensure the big changes in the long run!

I inspire and encourage you to achieve the goals you have set and assist you in concentrating on the essentials with caution and care. Obtaining joy and zest for life is important to me because this nourishes both physical and mental well-being.



  • Constant high stress levels
  • Problems with digestion, breathing or menstruation
  • Addressing eye and ear problems that affect the entire body
  • Self-reflection for confident decision making
  • Body awareness to develop a new exercise program
  • Self-care as a basis for good health
  • Organizational structure in daily routine for self-employed workers, mothers, fathers, students, senior citizens
  • Support at chronic illnesses
  • Mindful communication for everyday life
  • Supporting students in getting a good start into adult life.
  • Showing you how to live a fulfilled life in later years


Use your difficulties to grow and become stronger!

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